Windows Azure: 2. Setting Up An Account

This is an ongoing series on Window’s Azure.  The series starts here, and all code is located on GitHub:  GitHub commit checkpoints are referenced throughout the posts.

In the last post we covered setting up a basic Azure-enabled web site.  In this post, we’ll show you how to setup your Azure account.  Next, we’ll cover deploying the project to Azure.

So head on over to and click the Free Trial link:


Singe in with your Microsoft/Live/Password/Metro/Whatever user ID. If you don’t have on, create one:


Why yes, I would like the 90-Day Free Trial:


Once you do a little validation of your phone and credit card, they will go ahead and setup your account.


After a minute or two, click the Portal link:


This takes you to, the main place you want to be for managing your Azure application.


And there we are.  Poke around a little bit, there is a lot of interesting stuff in here.  In the next post, we’ll create a Cloud Service and deploy our sample application there.

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